BoldlyWe Coaching Pkg for Couples

2 DiSC Profile Couples' Comparison Report Two 1-hour Coaching Sessions

  • 1 hour
  • 800 US dollars
  • Video Conference

Service Description

Discover how to BoldlyBe yourselves as a couple of unique people who authentically appreciate each other and skillfully apply DiSC profile understanding to revolutionize your relationship and better collaborate toward your goals and desires. In this session, you will discover and understand: 1. Each Other's Priorities - what matters most to you when dealing with people 2. Each Other's Motivators - what excites you and gets you going 3. Each Other's Stressors - what kills your vibe and disrupts your productivity and peace This package includes: 1. In-depth profile of who you are as individuals, focusing on your individual priorities, motivators and stressors and sharing that about the other. 2. 1-Hour Discover Session - Intro to yourselves as individuals and as a couple + a homework assignment to exercise the basics and prepare you for the following session. 3. 1-Minute Apply Session - Dive into using DiSC to revolutionize your relationship, understand your flow as a couple and better collaborate on life for top results and enjoyment. 4. Online Access to your DiSC profile and tools for ongoing learning and development.

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