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The Truth About Responsible Leadership

Are you a responsible leader? On almost every top 10 attribute for leaders list you'll find something about leaders taking "responsibility." This is very true! But what does it mean?

The words "take responsibility," make the average person think of "taking the blame" for something that has gone wrong or is no longer working. While this may sound good and be well-intended, the leader isn't always to blame and shouldn't always take it. If they take the blame for something that isn't their fault, how is that helping the organization? A true leader's mindset is to take it upon themselves to actually solve problems, no matter who's to blame - not just acknowledge and accept that problems exist on their watch. Anyone can take the blame without ever making things better, but we can't make things better without taking responsibility. A leader takes on the responsibility of solving the issues and sees it through all the way through to improvement and change.

"Taking responsibility for something isn't simply taking the blame; it's being accountable and making yourself responsible for a solution or change." Stephanie Barthelemy, BHOLD Solutions Corporate Coach

The mark of a true leader is their ability and desire to hold themselves accountable and put demands on themselves and their team to solve problems together. True leaders gladly confront the areas that need to improve and lead their team to make things better through piloting that change, while allowing their team to play a significant role in creating and implementing solutions.

As a leader, does your version of taking responsibility stop at taking the blame and admitting fault? Do you hold yourself accountable and put demands on yourself and your team to solve problems together? Do you gladly confront what's not working and actively search for ways to do improve? Do you see improvement ideas all the way through to real, beneficial change? Understanding your exact leadership style can bring you insight and help you realize when you are likely to avoid taking the responsibility to make a much needed change. Workshops like the BoldlyLead Seminar gives leaders tools to be more effective and accountable when it comes to their unique leadership style.

Know yourself as a leader. Understand how your leadership style impacts your ability to be a responsible leader through leadership coaching. Be accountable. Practice taking responsibility for working out solutions to your organization's problems. Then you'll be a true example of a responsible leader.

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