How I Make Every Year My Best Year

I have decided that this year won’t be my best year ever, but it will be my best year yet. I definitely don't want future me to look back at current me as the best me ever. This is why I need every year to be my best year yet, while I know my best year ever is always yet to come. How can I guarantee that this year and every year will be my best year yet? There are three main things I always focus on to manifest this goal in my life.

1. My intentions: I set my highest goals yet.

Since my marriage, I have set very high goals for myself. I agree with the smart goal method that all goals should be attainable, but I believe even more that all goals should stretch me to be, try and achieve something I’ve never been, done, or achieved before. When I have aced every goal, I will have stepped into new territory, gone to higher heights and expanded my capacity more than I ever have before. Oh yes, it will be my best year yet!

Setting stretch goals forces me to do things I didn't quite see myself doing before. It teaches me to be comfortable being uncomfortable. It shows me that the payoff is worth the pain. I dream bigger, so I can do more and be better.

2. My Actions: I put the right demands on myself to accomplish my highest goals.

In order to accomplish something I’ve never accomplished before, I must do things I’ve never done before. If I have been inconsistent, I have to become consistent. If I have been late, I have to start being on time. If I have risk-adverse, I have to begin take risks.

Also, in order to accomplish more than I ever have before, I have to “pump up the volume” on the correct actions I am already taking or ways I’m already operating. For example, if I am already consistent, I need to take it up a notch and be assertive. If I am normally on time, I need to start being early. If I have always been a risk taker, I need to take bigger risks.

I have learned that my actions can do one of three things for me:

  1. Keep me behind the start line - no action, no traction

  2. Get me past the finish line before my deadline - complete my goals

  3. Land me somewhere in the middle - not meet the mark.

Many people find themselves somewhere in number three. And this is normally because we aren’t consistently tracking the next point, which is progress.

3. My progress: I advance toward my goals at the right pace.

Progress is definitely crucial. It is imperative to ensure my actions are leading me toward my intentions. If I am taking actions that have nothing to do with my intentions, I am not making progress. Also, it is necessary to to make sure that my actions are moving me toward my goals at the right pace.

People often, and rightly, tie progress to our actions, but progress is equally tied to time. Every goal needs a deadline. If you have an intention without a timeline, you don’t have a goal, you have a dream. The difference between a goal and a dream is that a goal has a deadline. So, I set my intentions with deadlines and pace my progress accordingly.

Paying attention to these three areas of life. Being deliberate with myself in planning. Taking action and progressing. This all guarantees that the current year I'm living in is not my best year ever, but my best year yet. I keep my best years in front of me by topping my past accomplishments in the current year.

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